Beach of Brigantino

The beach of Brigantino is situated in the west of San Giorgio and you can reach it by the main street, along which you can enjoy a walk on the seaside of the hamlet. Its name derives from a rock with a shape of a sailing ship and it is divided in three bays shaped by the sea currents. In its crystal clear waters you can see sulphurous fumes, which are the peculiarities of the place. The beach is located between the promontory of Tindari and Capo Calavà and, beacuse of this one, in the evening the sky turns its colours to reddish ones. In the stream Magaro you can admire the typical botanic species of the coastal environment, like horned poppy, “aglio marino“, birdsfoot trefoil, golden samphire, cottonweed, cakile maritima.

Beach Cala del Bue

Cala del Bue is set in the east of the promontory of Capo Calavà and you can reach it through a path carved in the rock at the entrance of the tunnel of Calavà. Since there is no parking area, only a few people can get there. For this reason the environment is clean and wild as a small oasis in the nature. The colour of the water is emerald green on the left and reddish on the right thanks to the reflections of the promontory of Calavà and of the rock. You can enjoy a panoramic view from a small watchtower which dates back to 1600 a.C. .You can dive into the sea from some of these rocks enjoying the view of the Eolian Islands. You can easily reach the beach by canoe from San Giorgio.

Beach Scoglio nero

The beach “Scoglio nero” is situated next to a small dark promontory and you can reach it thanks to a path situated near the residence Villa Ridente. This beach is mostly rocky and, among the metamorphic rocks, you can find a great variety of marine flora. The seabed is rich of fauna, too; indeed this area is an attractive point for those who are keen on snorkeling. Thanks to its characteristics and position, Scoglio nero is the perfect place for nature lovers. Here you can peacefully enjoy a breathtaking view on the eolian archipelago.

Seaside San Giorgio

The beach of San Giorgio goes from Saliceto to the bays of Brigantino; this offers amazing panoramic view, clean and rich marine seabeds, thanks to the presence of the Posidonia. The beauty of this place lies in its semplicity: very wide beach, clear sky and crystal clear sea overlooking the Eolian Islands. Along the beach you can find parking areas, restaurants and beach clubs.

Beach of Capo Calavà

The beach Capo Calavà is the nearest to the eolian archipelago, which enriches the coastal landscape. The sandy surface is protected on the right by the promontory of Calavà, whose reflections on the sea give it stunning colours. From this beach you can admire marvellous sunsets, in which the sea is painted of red by the sun. On the left you can see Torre delle Ciaule and Capo d’Orlando.