Pro Loco San Giorgio

The Pro Loco San Giorgio was born in 2007 to promote awareness, preservation and enhancement of our territory,  considering the environmental, historical and cultural resources of our area. Volounteers carried out many activities  and events aimed at the renovation of neglected places and revaluation of ancient ruins, like the old Tonnara, which represents an important part of our story. Through this website we want to share peculiarities of our territory full of wonderful blu and green landscapes: you can enjoy beaches and sea which form a whole with the hill overlooking the sea, while, on the other side, you can admire the Eolian Islands. Our story and territory are enriched by the warmth of our people, who welcome tourists from all over the world every year.

S.E.A. Lovers

Pro Loco San Giorgio along with S.E.A. Lovers group (Save the Environment Armony) – made up of young guys – engages in the awareness campaign for the protection of the sea, to make people habits eco-friendly and involve them in activities aimed at preserving our environment. Since 2020 our goal is to clean up beaches and sea environment and make our citiziens and tourists aware about the importance of safeguarding our own territory. It is a project that takes time and requires determination but it is necessary to preserve flora and fauna.

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Via Stazione, 4 – San Giorgio – Gioiosa Marea (Me) Sicily

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